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What We Do

Physical Commodity Trading

SVAMYARTHA does everything in our power to ensure our International Trade Projects are executed at the highest efficiency as possible. We inspect, source, manage and deliver products from all across the globe on-time and according to 100% customer satisfaction. We support suppliers, manufacturers, invest in risk management, invest in manufacturing equipment, and adhere to customer delivery expectations. Physical Commodity Trading is and continues to be the backbone of our business.

Our Story

Our story starts with one container. The commodity inside that container held Natural Mountain Spring Bottled Water (which we are still sustaining across the globe today). We look back on that container and we realize that it was the beginning phase on SVAMYARTHA generating successful business within the International Trade Industry. As our first shipment is and always will be the beginning of how our group of companies started.

During those beginning times of our company startup phases, we also were developing more supplier and buyer networks which enabled us to now having mastered over 54+ products to date in over 29 countries around the world. While also simultaneously developing business solutions which fill major gaps within the International Trade Industry for helping small, medium and large size business models grow.

We are a collective group of personnel located around the globe who strive to maintain our International Trade Reputation through “Our Values & A Clear Mission” everyday. We reflect on where we came from and focus on where we are going. We are Trade.

Investing in Execution

Agora invests in the execution of all of our International Trade Projects. We understand that in order to successfully grow within the International Trade Industry, you must first specialize on mastering how to execute each International Trade Project successfully and build from that foundation of specialization. Whether it means expanding production lines, expanding sales team’s, training and developing our staff, reducing risk for new Trade Value Chains, etc… We always will continue to streamline, adapt and implement efficient /more effective internal infrastructures to adhere to the constant fast-growing biggest industry in the world. Our execution is what defines our project commitments.

Accelerating Trade Through Reliability

SVAMYARTHA is growing and helping others grow within the International Trade Industry by being reliable. Reliability is a crucial part for establishing long-lasting relationships in which benefit all parties. By being reliable, we have and continue to be the focal point for maximizing project potential and sustaining that potential for a long period of time.

Solutions Geared for Your Business

As our company has grown, we have seen many gaps in which are not being filled with the right business solutions to help sustain and management International Trade & Other Types of Business Projects around the globe. We are fortunate enough to have gone through obstacles and challenges and still have grown our business model into what it is today. However, understanding the learning curve of doing successful business before, during and after can be the deciding factor on whether that business survives or not. We have specific Business Solutions available to help fills those gaps in which can prevent businesses from going out of business before its to late. Also, our business solutions help manage and sustain other businesses as well.

Our Exclusive Trade Tools Hub

Our Trade Tools Hub offers free statistical websites, templates, social media trade groups, messenger application trade groups and general business links geared to help support our approved company members Trade Business Model growth.